Water Conservation and Quality

  • The Sustainable Business Guide (p.4) encourages San Ramon businesses to use water efficient products to create a cost savings in their monthly water and energy bills.
  • The City of San Ramon currently operates seven display fountains which operate on a schedule that promotes water conservation and cost savings.
  • As a result of implementing strict water conservation strategies during 2009 the City realized an overall savings in water use of approximately 40 million gallons between July 2008 and July 2009.  The strategies included using weather sensing/auto adjust “smart” controllers which cut irrigation run times by approximately 10%.  As water rates are expected to increase again this year, the City will continue to implement these and other water conservation strategies.
  • The City re-landscaped the median along of Bollinger Canyon Road south of Crow Canyon Road with drought-tolerant and native plants and a water conserving irrigation system to reduce maintenance and water costs, conserve water, set an example for environment-friendly and sustainable landscaping, and improve the median’s appearance.  The City expects to save over $14,000 on annual maintenance.
  • The PG&E Corridor Landscaping Project is is expected to be completed in July 2012.  The project includes the design and installation of the irrigation system, and planting trees, shrubs, ground cover and mulching. Irrigation water for the project will be supplied via the recently completed recycled water pipeline on Pine Valley Road.

Adapted from the Contra Costa County Climate Leaders Website