Waste Reduction

  • The City of San Ramon has a robust residential recycling program and is encouraging businesses to recycle and encouraging businesses to recycle.   Recycling services for San Ramon apartments and condominiums are available from Waste Managementat no additional charge.
  • San Ramon Residents can recycle household hazardous waste through the On-Call Door-to-Door Household Hazardous Waste program .
  • Valley Waste Management provides Special Clean-Up Days three times during each calendar year in San Ramon.  The curbside collection accepts certain bulky items that do not fit in the containers or excess trash for no additional charge.  Waste Management sorts all collected items for recycling.
  • San Ramon’s food scrap recycling program collects residential food scraps and food-soiled paper to be recycled into compost instead of going into the garbage by placing them into their green waste cart for weekly collection.
  • The City of San Ramon conducts three Recycling Drop-Off Events per year to collect: Re-usable thrift store items – Electronic waste – Cardboard / Paper/ Bottles & Cans – Scrap metal – Yard trimmings / Green waste – Clean wood waste
  • Waste Management provides free compost made with residential yard trimmings to San Ramon residents. Free compost is available to San Ramon residents in bags at the quarterly Recycling Drop-Off Events and in bulk May 1 through September 30 at Crow Canyon Gardens.
  • San Ramon offers residents a reduced price for a back yard composting bin and free classes in home composting and/or will lend residents an instructional video tape.  Residents can attend any one of the many FREE home composting workshops provided by the City in partnership with the Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority.
  • The San Ramon Police Department offers a free Pharmaceutical Disposal Program service all year round. Residents may dispose unwanted or expired prescription and non-prescription medications in the Pharmaceutical Disposal Bin located in the lobby of the San Ramon Police Department.
  • The City discontinued battery collection at City facilities in but encouraged residents to recycle their used household batteries at City-sponsored recycling drop off events or at several local stores. Check the City website for more details on recycling events and store locations.
  • San Ramon is encouraging businesses to recycle by citing the commercial recycling law based on Assembly Bill 341. Businesses are directed to visit CalRecycle’s website for more information.  In addition businesses are encouraged to share recycling services, take their recyclables to a recycling center, and be recognized as a Green Business. A list of permitted commercial recycling transporters is provided.
  • Per San Ramon City Ordinance No. 396, applicants for building, remodeling, and demolition permits are required to re-use or recycle at least 50% of the construction and demolition debris generated by each of their projects.

Adapted from the Contra Costa County Climate Leaders Website


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