Montevideo Third Grade Class Recycles

The following Success Story was submitted by Josephine Evonc, a third grade teacher at Montevideo Elementary, who started a recycling program at her school.

Save Our Planet; Pitch In!

By Josephine Evonc  (Third grade teacher at Montevideo Elementary)

About five or so years ago, I wrote and received a grant requesting funds to start a recycling program for my elementary school. Needless to say, I was quite eager to get this done! I went to work writing up my plan of action. My goal was to get all students interested in doing their part to save our planet, one bottle or can at a time. Thus the name of the project was formed; Save Our Planet; Pitch In!

My plan was to first educate my current third graders about the problem of littering and the need to recycle. I followed this with a class art contest, whereby I would use the winning artwork as the stick-on labels to place on each classroom’s recycle receptacle. The response was overwhelming and, before long, I found myself unable to choose the “winning” artwork. In my grant, I had written that I would reward the winning student $100. I requested to modify my idea and instead chose ten children, gifting each one a $10 Target gift card. They were all very pleased! Each class would be given a different container to replace the one that would be emptied from their class on pick-up day.

Armed with gloves, my class of third graders would go around each month to collect the bottles and cans from not only the classrooms, but from the multiuse room (MPR).  From there, these would be brought to the outside courtyard of my classroom to be sorted and bagged. Some of my very helpful parents would arrive at my classroom at a prearranged time, to pick up the bagged “goods,” take them to the local recycling center and return the money to the school office, for deposit into the recycle account. To this day, we have collected over $900!


Even though her students have graduated on to middle and high school, one special grandma still drops by each month or so with her family’s contribution of bottles and cans. Thank you Ma! She is so very sweet and thoughtful. It is quite amazing to see how much can come from not only educating people about the need to recycle, but with everyone Pitching In to help Save our Planet!

Do you have a success story to share? Did your San Ramon business switch to LED lights to conserve energy? Did your children’s school launch a recycling program? Did your chid’s Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop or church group complete a project that helped our city become more sustainable? Did you complete a major home upgrade using environmentally friendly and energy-saving materials? These are just a few examples of ways San Ramon residents, schools and businesses are helping our community. Share your success story by e-mailing it (with photos if available) to .

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