Home Recycling in San Ramon

City of San Ramon Garbage Service – Recycling and Yard Waste Reminders

by Kurt Johnson

Valley Waste Management services San Ramon’s waste handling and recycling. The following is a reminder of what can and can’t be recycled or thrown out.

Recycling: Paper and cardboard: boxes, magazines, paper, newspaper, paperboard, dairy/juice cartons, mail, phone books. Don’t recycle: waxed paper, food contaminated paper, mixed metal and paper (e.g. stapled paper)

Metals: Aluminum cans, foil and aluminum bakeware, steel cans and tins, wire coat hangers, empty aerosol cans. Don’t recycle: food-contaminated metals, car parts, plumbing parts, paint cans, electronics. Most of these items can be recycled at special recycling centers or at neighborhood recycling events.

Glass: Clear, brown amber and green glass. Don’t recycle: Glass contaminated with stones, dirt or food waste; ceramics, Pyrex, broken glass, windows, mirrors, metal or plastic caps, crystal, light bulbs, cathode-ray tube televisions and monitors (CRTs). Most of these items can be recycled at special recycling centers or at neighborhood recycling events.

Plastics: All plastic bottles and just labeled 1-7, including soft drink and soda bottles; plastics from cereal boxes, containers for salad dressing, vegetable oil, and peanut butter; butter and margarine tubs; and containers for laundry detergent.

As a general rule, the following common items require special handling and should not be recycled in your standard bins: Any form of Styrofoam Products, animal or human waste of any kind, contaminated soil, fluorescent light fixtures, hazardous waste of any kind, ink cartridges, medical needles, paints, thinners, or solvents, TVs or computer equipment, and tires.

Plastic Bags: Clean flexible, stretchable plastic bags, and clean bubble wrap and thin packing plastic can be collected in a single plastic grocery bag and placed on top of the recycling bin before closing the lid.

Green/Yard Waste

Yard waste compost is put to good use (if you’re not already using it yourself!). Your green yard waste bin can include: food waste or food scraps; filters and tea bags, food-soiled paper, pizza boxes, ice cream and milk cartons, uncoated wood, cut grass/clippings; flower and tree trimmings; weeds; and wood scraps and chips. Don’t put in any treated or coated wood, cactus or palm, pet waste, rocks, dirt, concrete, Styrofoam, plastics or metal.


Garbage should include disposable razors, Styrofoam, broken ceramic dishware, diapers, treated or coated wood, toothpaste dispensers, hoses, and pet waste. Garbage should not include: recyclables, household hazardous waste, paint, batteries, fluorescent lights, cleaning products, or gardening products.

More later on special handling procedures and special recycling events and locations. In the meantime, consult the Waste Management website for more information: http://www.wm.com or call (925) 837-3356.

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