Green Home

Please click on the following links for information on creating a healthier and greener home:

Saving Energy and Money Without Spending a Penney – by Green Home Committee Chair Sundong Kwong

Green Home Resources – Resources for making your home greener and healthier.

Green Tips – Provided by Green Home Committee Chair Sundong Kwong

Home Recycling in San Ramon – by Kurt Johnson

San Ramon Pharmaceuticals Collection Program – Residents may dispose unwanted or expired prescription and non-prescription medications in the Pharmaceutical Disposal Bin located in the lobby of the San Ramon Police Department.

On-Call Door-to-Door Household Hazardous Waste program – San Ramon Residents can recycle household hazardous waste through this simple program.

San Ramon’s Food Scrap Recycling Program collects residential food scraps and food-soiled paper to be recycled into compost by placing them into their green waste cart for weekly collection.

The following articles provide advice on specific measures you can take in your own home.  Please feel free to notify us of other articles you would like to share with the community.

Ecolables – The Decoder Ring? – by Anne Cavazos. An article about the use of ecolables a seal or logo indicating environmentally or socially preferable products, services or companies that are based on standards or criteria.

Optimize Your Power Efficiency and Save Money! – by Kurt Johnson, June 25, 2011

Radiant Barriers: A Solution in Search of a Problem – September 24, 2010

Sunshine for Rent – September 23, 2010

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