Caring for our Community


Sustainable San Ramon actively promotes sustainability in San Ramon through education and community-driven programs. Our organization is committed to collaborating with residents, businesses and community leaders to improve the environmental, social and economic well-being of our city.

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  • INTEGRITY:  Our agenda is transparent and bipartisan.  We strive to lead by example and incorporate sustainability in our daily lives as we carry out our mission,
  • COLLABORATION:  We believe that working together  – with residents, businesses and community leaders – in a way that respects and embraces a variety of perspectives will bring us closer to achieving our mission.
  • COMMITMENT:  We are committed to progressing San Ramon’s sustainability practices.  We strive to consistently meet our obligations to each other and the community at large.
  • COMMUNITY:  We subscribe to the philosophy “it takes a village”.  The people of San Ramon are the most critical component of becoming a more sustainable city. Community outreach and connectedness are key components of our mission.
  • PASSION:  All board members and volunteers have a personal passion for sustainability and the value it brings socially, environmentally and economically.  This energy is evident in our work.
  • CREATIVITY: We are open-minded and creative in our approach to improving the sustainability of our community.  We seek out the latest innovations that will further our mission.
  • EDUCATION:  We consistently demonstrate leadership and knowledge on the sustainability topics and actions we embrace. We enable our community to make informed decisions through educational programs.


We can all make a difference with even small changes in our lifestyle to maintain our current and future quality of life in San Ramon.


Our organization is made up of people just like you: parents, business owners, students, community leaders and other residents interested in maintaining a healthy community. We invite anyone interested in sustainability issues to join our group. We’ll be focusing on topics such as water conservation, community-supported agriculture, recycling, organic food, energy conservation, green schools, green cleaning, green design and building and more. We are in the process of reaching out to businesses, organizations, residents and local officials to talk about how we can all collaborate in fostering sustainable living in San Ramon.